Online Interactions with Minors

BYU Independent Study involves online interactions with minor participants (under the age of 18). We take measures to help ensure that these online interactions are safe for minor participants and program staff. The following policies apply to the online interactions below.

  1. Parents/guardians are invited to attend any online interactions with their minor participant. This includes being present during their student’s proctored exams. If a parent elects to observe the exam, they must remain quiet and offer no assistance during the exam.
  2. Participants (and their parents/guardians) must comply with the following rules for online interactions, or they may be removed from the online interaction and possibly the program:
    • Follow the direction of the program staff managing the online interaction.
    • Dress fully in appropriate attire that is neat and modest. (For example, clothing that does not cover the stomach or shoulders, or that is low-cut in the front or the back, is not appropriate).
    • Refrain from any communication (whether verbal or visual) that is graphic, profane, or disrespectful to anyone. (Any form of harassment or bullying is strictly prohibited.)
    • Ensure that surroundings visible to others are appropriate and free from any improper images or private information.
  3. Online interactions may be recorded and saved for quality assurance in a secure manner that protects the privacy of the participants. Recordings are not used for any other purpose without express permission from the participant’s parent/guardian.
  4. Each one-on-one online interaction is subject to randomized monitoring by supervisors of Independent Study.

Any questions regarding online interactions may be directed to Customer Support.

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