If you are a high school or middle school counselor or educator, you can view your students' progress and grades at any time by creating a secure login account and password.



Once you are logged in, you will be able to:

  • View the real-time status of each active course.
  • View the final grade for completed courses.
  • Print a student's course completion notice.
  • Remove a student's records from your report if he or she has left your school.
  • Export your report to an Excel spreadsheet or print your report.
  • Review your status as a proctor (if applicable).
  • View the shipping status of any exams that have been requested with you as the designated proctor.
  • Request free copies of our marketing materials.
  • Request that a printed copy of your progress report be mailed to you monthly.

Your students must include your school name and/or ACT code in their registration information before they will appear on your school's progress report.

What should I do to help my students with your program?

  • Recommend courses to students who will be comfortable with online learning.
  • Help them determine what type of course they should take.
  • Encourage them to read the student information section of our catalog, plus our website and their course syllabus, to be sure they understand our policies and procedures.
  • Alert them to any deadlines your school will require.
  • Encourage them to contact our free tutors if they are struggling with their coursework.
  • Instruct them on your school’s procedure for accepting online transfer credit. (Brigham Young University students’ grades will automatically be posted to their BYU transcript at least one business day after the course grade has posted with Independent Study.

Counselor and Educator Support

We have a dedicated phone number and email address just for counselors and educators. Please refer your students to our Student Support phone number to ensure that our Counselor and Educator Support phone lines are always available to you.

Educator Support Phone: 1-800-259-0172

Educator Support Email: edsupport@byu.edu

Student Support Phone: 1-800-914-8931