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MIddle School and High School Transcripts

Once a student has completed a middle school or high school course and the final grade has posted, an official transcript can be ordered online and sent to the desired location(s). Only completed high school and middle school courses with a final course grade are listed on transcripts. For more information, see the high school and middle school transcripts page and fill out the Transcript Request Form. Please follow the instructions on the Transcript Request form very carefully to prevent delays in sending your transcript(s), and allow at least five (5) business days for processing of non-express requests.

University Transcripts

Once a student has completed a university-level course, an official BYU university transcript can be ordered. Only completed courses are listed on university transcripts; Withdrawn and Expired courses are not listed. If you need your course grade to appear within a particular semester or term (to meet a financial aid or graduation deadline), we must receive all your completed coursework and exams (including retakes) by the deadlines listed in the Course Completion, Expiration, & Extension policy.

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