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Embark on a Musical Adventure

Greetings to all fellow seekers of rhythm, melody, and the enchanting world of music! Have you ever felt the irresistible pull of a captivating melody or found yourself lost in the magic of a song? Suppose you've ever wondered about the origins of these musical wonders and the mechanics behind them or even dreamt of creating your musical magic. In that case, you're about to embark on a journey that will resonate with your heart and soul.


Let's Begin with the Basics

An Introduction to Accounting 200

Accounting isn’t just for accountants; and it's no longer a numbers-only profession focused on statements and historical data. Accounting focuses on careers at the heart of strategic decision-making and creating value for organizations.

The field is growing and technologically modernizing. The revenue of the accounting services industry is estimated to be almost 145 billion dollars in 2023. For-profit companies, nonprofits, NGOs, and government agencies all have ongoing demand for skilled accounting professionals.

An Introduction to Calculus 1 & 2

Two of the most popular courses from the BYU Independent Study university catalog are the companion courses Calculus 1 (MATH 112) and Calculus 2 (MATH 113). These courses form the foundation for advanced mathematics at the university level.

Contrary to popular belief, math, and particularly calculus, are relevant and applicable in numerous professions—some might even surprise you!

Meet ROTC Cadet Ben Mouritsen

This Veterans Day, BYU Independent Study honors those who serve our country to preserve our freedoms. The military contains many notable leaders, but we want to spotlight Ben Mouritsen.

Mouritsen grew up overseas in Germany with his dad a colonel, and grandpa a lieutenant colonel. He is at Brigham Young University studying economics as he wants to have an Army career in finance. He completed two BYU Independent Study online courses (Management Communication MCOM 320 and Principles of Accounting ACC 200) to assist his studies.

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